Three short films using stills photography

‘Der Himmel’
Film: Vincent Buller 2011
Music: Piano Suite IV No. 4: Music from Fragile Light Spaces

‘Nature’s Lightbox’
Film: Eirik Evyen 2011
Music: Piano Suite VIII No. 3 The Departure

‘Light Trails’
Film: John Bryson 2007
Music: Light Trails (Dedicated to Eberhard Weber on his 65th birthday)


Piano Suite VI: Theory of K (2008)
Written for Music, Science and the Brain, an open symposium, Plymouth, Sept 2008

Theory of K
Drama at the axon terminal
Where is ‘me’?

“When I set about composing the pieces for the symposium I corresponded with Dr Martin Coath, a scientist presenting a paper at the same event. The correspondence was about the speed of synapses throughout the brain and became a main source for the music.
At the time I was writing the music, a friend told me how her husband had woken from a brain operation with a vision in which he saw our civilisation as two humanities separated by a horizontal line….
He called the line K where K = Kindness.
 In the recovery room they devised a formula where salvation is defined by those above the line of Kindness pulling up those who are below. Thus they developed their „Theory of K“ after which my suite is named.”  (Lola Perrin 2008)

East End II (2014)
Film by Phil Maxwell & Hazuan Hashim

This is from a series of three films using photographs taken in the East End of London that “record the passing away of one world and the arrival of another in the span of a generation”. (The Gentle Author)
Piano Suite III ‘Perpetual Motion’ (2003)
After children set free at the piano
With Video Painting by The Gray Circle

Whole Numbers
Perpetual Motion

“This suite was written after observing very young children exploring the piano keyboard without inhibitions.  In copying their approach I freed musical ideas from deep in my imagination; these ideas formed the backbone of work.”   (Lola Perrin 2003)

Lola Perrin is a London-based, USA born composer, pianist, publisher, and composer-in-residence at Markson Pianos. She has been composing since 1992 and has performed her compositions extensively on mainland Europe and in the UK (including works for 2, 4 & 6 pianos at Lang Lang Inspires, Southbank Centre), once in the USA,  and published over 70 piano compositions in 8 books, distributed via Spartan Press. Commissions include silent film scores performed at Barbican, BFI Southbank and Peninsula Arts in Plymouth. She collaborates in performance with writers, scientists, artists and film makers.  During 2014 she is touring her award winning solo piano score to „The Wind“ (1928 Lillian Gish silent film). As an increasing number of pianists and piano duos take up her piano works she is turning her attention to instrumental works.  Elysian Quartet and Carlos Lopez-Real have performed her string quartet and saxophone work. Sarah Watts commissioned ‘Her Sisters’ Notebook’ (ten bass clarinets) for Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival 2011 and played it at Irish Royal Academy 2014. Simon Desbrulais has commissioned a substantial solo trumpet work (2014).  During 2014 two instrumental works (String Quartet & Saxophone, Wind Quintet & Choir) are due to be rehearsed / performed in London. She has been interviewed and reviewed by various media including Berliner Morgenpost, BBC Radio 3 and local stations, The Guardian, Lyric FM.  Her recordings appear on radio playlists and occasionally on broadcast TV. She works as a private piano teacher, composer and pianist.  She is currently composing “Now You See It”; a 90 minute multimedia project for string quartet, two pianists, an orchestra of words and lightscape inspired by street artist Isaac Cordal.
Vincent Buller is a Dutch photographer fascinated by how individual and collective decisions shape the environment.


Eirik Evyenis a freelance photographer based in Oslo, Norway.

John Bryson is a Canadian photographer based in London creating a series exploring experiences of nature and the dialogue created between landscape and memory.


Phil Maxwell… “His astonishing body of work stands unparalleled in the canon of street photography, both in its range and in the quality of human observation…” (The Gentle Author)  Hazuan Hashim is a photographer and film editor.

The Gray Circle is a London-based production company specializing in Lightscapes: site-specific art.
Each Lightscape is unique, incorporating light, colour and moving image that transform space while creating an evolving interactive experience for the viewer.