The ensemble Belgrade Percussionists was created in 1997 on the initiative of its members, Srđan Palačković (1968) and Ivan Marjanović (1981), who wished to bring the sounds of percussion instruments closer to the audience that does not have much opportunity to listen them as solo instruments. The range of sounds of percussion instruments is thus presented to the audience as more than rhythmic “background”, “accompaniment” or a good “sound effect”, but as independent and self-sufficient music. The affirmation of the sound of percussion instruments was, by all means, supported by the 20th century composers who dedicated to them a large number of independent oeuvres. Apart from that, the growing popularity of percussions can be seen as a logical consequence of a dynamic world we live in nowadays, where they represent a puls of an epoch. The wide repertoire of the Belgrade Percussionists includes compositions of foreign and domestic authors, which not only display the effect of virtuosity, but abound in original musical and rhythmical expressions as well as and unpredictable spectrum of dynamic possibilities of the instruments and colorful musical patterns. A special place in the repertoire belongs, of course, to the arrangements of various well-known and acknowledged compositions of all epochs that, in the world of percussion instruments, acquire new and unsuspected dimensions. The ensemble Belgrade Percussionists has performed both in the country and abroad. It made a number of audio and video recordings for television and radio (TV Beograd, TV Novi Sad, TV Montenegro). The group released a promotional CD in 2001 the Serbian TV recorded a program me Journey of the circle dedicated to it. The programmes was ranked among the seven best competing in the festival of music programmes Montreaux, Switzerland in 2002. This programme was broadcast at the festival in Prague as well in Albena, Bulgaria, where it won the first prize. Belgrade Percussionists have achieved impressive results in 2001 at the International Competition for solo marimba and marimba duo in Belgium.